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The Best Digital Marketing Services for Politicians in India

Gone are the days when election campaigns meant only doing rallies, speeches, arranging gatherings, and use of outdoor advertising with the help of posters, hoarding, and pamphlet. Now the time has changed, and the internet has revolutionized election campaigns. Digital marketing has picked up in terms of adoption by political parties worldwide. The influence of […]...
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Google Ads Implements 3-Strike Policy

Google Ads has updated its policy for when ads are disapproved. Beginning in June 2022, online adverts will have to comply with a three-strikes principle. If you’re an advertiser with Google Ads, it’s likely that you’ve already been hit by a disapproved ad once or twice. It’s becoming a lot more difficult to appeal disapprovals […]...
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Touchstone offers Comprehensive solutions for Travel Agencies, from Lead Generation to CRM

Summary: Travel agencies can boost profitability and grow their businesses at a remarkable pace using Touchstone Infotech digital solutions.   Running a travel business and turning it into a success can be tricky, given the competition prevailing lately. However, one of the best ways to keep it steady, growing, and sustained is to use digital technologies […]...
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Touchstone Infotech Claims to Bring Better Results from Google Ads to The Businesses

Summary: Touchstone Infotech has shared information on how they generate better results from Google Ads and enhance the revenue manifold.   Touchstone Infotech, a leading digital marketing company in India Google ads are a prolific way to attract users to a website. Commonly known as Pay Per Click ads, Google Ads can go a long way in […]...
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Touchstone Infotech Promises to Bring Quality Leads for Realtors and Channel Partners

Summary: Touchstone Infotech offers robust methods to produce quality leads for realtors and channel partners.  Leads are important to keep a business within the regular flow of clients, and Touchstone Infotech claims to offer result-oriented quality lead generation services for realtors and channel partners. When we know that mobile and internet penetration has gone deep […]...
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Grow your Local Business with Touchstone Infotech

Summary: Growing a business, even if you are a start-up or a small local business, is easy and fast-paced with Touchstone Infotech.   Touchstone calls on all businesses who want to taste fast-paced success locally or globally. Touchstone is a leading digital marketing company offering result-oriented solutions that accelerate business growth. Online space for businesses is […]...
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Touchstone Infotech Offers Exclusive Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies

Summary – Touchstone shares details about the ways it generates leads and handles online ad campaigns for real estate companies.  Touchstone, a leading digital marketing and IT services company in India, provides services to businesses in a variety of niches. It provides businesses with digital solutions that help them thrive and succeed, including digital marketing services for […]...
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