The Best Digital Marketing Services for Politicians in India

Gone are the days when election campaigns meant only doing rallies, speeches, arranging gatherings, and use of outdoor advertising with the help of posters, hoarding, and pamphlet. Now the time has changed, and the internet has revolutionized election campaigns. Digital marketing has picked up in terms of adoption by political parties worldwide. The influence of digital marketing has been so much that after, Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, he publicly said that social media was instrumental in his win. 

Even in India, the role of digital marketing has not gone unnoticed. BJP used digital marketing extensively and went on to record a landslide victory in the 2014 election by using digital marketing. The next election was no different. It is not only the case with the central government election but also with the state-level election and even smaller elections. Suddenly, every political party has understood that if they want to entice voters, they cannot ignore the power of digital marketing. The power of digital marketing is so great that major parties have a dedicated IT cell in India. However, this cell alone is not enough to cover all the needs of these political parties; therefore, they hire professional digital marketing agencies to carry out the tasks on their behalf.

Why Digital Marketing Is So Successful in Helping Political Parties?

Digital marketing comprises several tools that have deep penetration. Moreover, with the advent of the faster internet and mobile boom, the reach of digital marketing has increased. 

Moreover, digital marketing gives the option to target a particular area or group of people and can create a campaign tailored to meet a particular political party’s ambition. For instance, a political party may want to target young voters (18-35 years) from a particular city. With the help of social media campaign, it may project a candidate’s positive traits by posting social ads that will appear only before the people come in the age group of 18-35. 

Moreover, digital marketing creates a way of communication between the voters living in the constituency and political parties. Digital marketing agencies can carry out surveys, prepare online questionnaires, create email campaigns, and communicate political party programs and ambitions with voters. Political parties can bring forward the opposition’s candidate’s wrongdoing or the opposition party’s underperformance via digital marketing to create positivity about their candidates in elections. 

Furthermore, it is not necessarily mean that political campaigns work only during the time of elections, but these campaigns may help political parties to maintain communication with people even in those times when there are no elections taking place. Now, look at some of the ways a digital marketing company runs a campaign for a political party to project their candidate.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are the first method by which a digital marketing company can help a political party win voters’ heart. To make the social media ads campaign a success, a digital marketing company uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., to project the candidates and overall vision of the party. If the political party has been in power, it can build the narrative around the schemes the political party launched in its previous tenure and the kind of success the political party achieved in the implementation of programs. If the party is not in power, it can put forward its vision and manifesto before the voters. Several activities are performed under social media campaigns, such as the creation of infographics, writing slogans, and creative lines. Social media is the most effective and proven digital marketing method that brings success to a political party. 

Voice SMS

Voice SMS is another way a digital marketing agency may use to build a positive vibe about a local candidate or the political party. Generally, with the help of a database of the voters, voice SMSs are sent to the voters’ phones, and they get to know about the candidate. Voice SMS can play the role of effective messenger, and it helps imprint the name of the candidate and political party in the mind of the voters. In addition, voice SMS can communicate announcements and important information like the detail about the polling booth or helps collect feedback from the voters. The frequency of voice SMSs sent can be tweaked as per the demographic and urgency. The idea here is to make voters aware of the political party’s candidate’s credentials and create a picture in the minds of voters that the particular candidate is the best among all.  

Video Ads

Video ads are also a great way of creating a buzz and positive atmosphere around candidates of political parties. A professional digital marketing agency will record short to medium-length videos of candidates and prominent leaders and put them before the voters. Video may contain some message, speech, part of the speech, or announcements. An efficient agency will make sure that videos are engaging and to the point that highlight the competency of candidates and helps a political party in the election.

Bulk WhatsApp

Bulk WhatsApp is similar to voice SMS. However, bulk SMS is generally used to target a big chunk of voters. Similar to other methods, it can be used to make voters aware of the programs, announcements, the credential of candidates, plans for the future, or work completed in the previous tenure. Since WhatsApp is the number 1 messaging app, political parties can target a huge number of voters with the help of bulk WhatsApp messaging. 

Display Ads

A display ad is a way for advertisers to target particular demographics by placing banner ads, text ads, video ads, or a combination of these on third-party sites and apps where target audiences are likely to visit. Advertisers use keywords to make sure that only the relevant audience gets to see the ads and the aim here is to attract them to the ad message or entice them to click on the ads to bring them advertiser’s site. This form of advertisement is beneficial for political campaigns too. For example, a digital marketing company can create and run an effective campaign for political parties by using innovative and to-the-point display ads.

Reason To Choose Touchstone Infotech for Political Campaigns

Touchstone Infotech is a competent and experienced digital marketing company that has the experience of handling several political campaigns. The experts at the Touchstone can carry out a deep analysis of the voters and political parties to carve a winning digital marketing strategy to move the result towards a political party by extensive use of all the methods mentioned above. Besides the deep analysis, it can also manage short-term and long-term strategies and help politicians convey their opinion/manifest to the target audience for better reach. For a free consultation to know how we contribute to the great success to a political party, contact Touchstone now!