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Political marketing involves a variety of tactics, from negative attack ads to positive messages about the candidates. Political campaigns also use different strategies to target specific regions and demographics. For example, one campaign may focus on rural areas while another focuses on urban centers. In addition, campaigns often employ sophisticated data analysis tools to determine their best target audiences for their message.

We at Touchstone Infotech have an experienced team of online political campaigns that are working with multiple political parties in India. We have a dedicated team that designs political campaigns offline which we further promote online with an assurance that the ideas and words of our candidates reach to most. We focus on both major and minor issues of the candidate constituency and guide how to work offline from where we take up and focus on viral marketing on all online platforms.

Why should you be Interested?

There are a few phases of political marketing in India, especially political marketing in India. First and foremost, promoting political information can reveal to us the present showcasing position of the lawmaker. Doing this can help distinguish regions to tailor a portion of their advertising exercises to improve their open position. You will learn, for example, which sites your optimum segment visits, which gadgets they use to visit specific sites, and what their inclinations are.

One of the benefits of conveying an effective technique of political marketing in India, especially political marketing in India is to differentiate between a persuasive methodology; almost, similarly, you are selling an object or management. Currently, the times of flyers being circulated may prove viable for some online life to raise a message that will be spread quickly among a large number of people.

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A major part of political marketing in India, especially political marketing in India is to consider what its fruitful rival demands of the general population. It may end up being beneficial because the applicant will suggest exceptional thoughts that the general community accepts and acknowledges as being the right choice for the competitor.


We have a huge interest in lawmakers’ electronic skills and knowledge promotion. Our skill with databases, adding web-based life information, and having accurate Twitter handles of your optimal socioeconomic (counting that of a legislator’s political rival) will positively give you an entertaining, interesting, and fruitful triumphant methodology. A combination of adding reliable political information to web-based social networking, encouraging email, and concentrating in plain view fights to correct individuals would certainly frame any portion of the advertisement arrangement of a government official.

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What incorporated in our Digital Marketing for Politicians:

  • Our team with the help of essential tools like Digital Marketing, Website, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, ORM and many more will encourage single tone of voice through this platform.
  • Our social media platform will highlight important and prevailing issues.
  • We create an online presence on all social media domains as we have a skilled and creative team.
  • Our team makes sure to promote user contribution to the forum.
  • We take pride in presenting you with our imaginative and unique program to promote the candidate and their party.
  • We are the one-stop solution provider for all your Digital marketing needs.
  • We the team of Media Technology, never compromise on quality and our services are very affordable.
  • Running Social Media (i e Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, etc) Campaigns.
  • Showcasing your involvement to the society
  • Video marketing, create bulk messages on WhatsApp etc.
  • Modify targeted messages
  • Reach the audience at very low cost
  • Social media played a dynamic role in deciding which party wins the most seats
  • We have the skills and knowledge to maximize the impact of social media interactions
  • To manage social media presence of the business
  • To disseminate information about company’s products and services
  • To generate buzz about the business
  • To increase follower base
  • To encourage users generated content

Top Services

SNo Activity Objective Gain
1 Field Survey Mapping End User with Communication Medium Easy access for Future Information and Survey
2 Social Media Command Center For Connecting End User and Spread Awareness Perception Management
3 Communication App For Command Chain Control till Booth Level worker with HQ, State offices and Local Offices More organized Ground team
4 Missed Call with SMS for Survey and option More Engagement with Voters
5 OBD Backed by Miss Call To Broadcast Voice Message Clarity on Agenda and Vision of Party
6 Conferencing with Workers To discuss, Guide and suggest about party guide lines Worker will be more connected with Higher management
7 Call Center Management To Engage Voters and listen Need, Telecallers can talk to Voters More Engagement with Voters
8 Messaging Text messaging More Engagement with Voters
9 WIP Based Interactive Push for any Survey or option as per Area Wise Multiple times Interactive platform where party can connect with Voters and get voters response with any expense of voters or party after first push More Engagement with Voters
10 WhatsApp Push To Send Video and Animations More Engagement with Voters
11 Short URL for Survey and option and small Memorandum More Engagement with Voters
12 Last day Booth Management, to identify Red, Green and Yellow voters, to track last day voting pattern To Push Green voters to come out and vote Party Worker can push Green Voters to Vote
13 All India Data Base Most Reliable
14 All Analytics Reporting Support planning
15 Television Ads To Broadcast Video Message More Engagement with Voters

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You need to make sure you're posting content when your audience is most likely to be online and engaged.

By listening to what people are saying about your brand, you can get valuable feedback and insights.

Social media marketing requires a team effort. In order to be successful, you need to make sure everyone on your team is on the same page.

In order to improve your social media marketing campaign, you need to measure your performance and track your progress.

What do we specialize in?


Better it is more are the chances of your victory


There are no second chances when it comes to political elections. If political campaigns want to win, they have to choose the most effective platform to raise awareness among the electorate and get out the vote. In the high stakes world of political advertising, campaigns continue to choose Social Media, Television, Digital Surveys, Audio Bridge, Bulk SMS etc as their political marketing in India, specially political marketing in India vehicles.

Political marketing managers confirm Digital World’s effectiveness at persuading voters time and again when asked what marketing strategies really work. Both political campaigns and brand managers know that for immediate reach, nothing beats Online Medium of marketing, specially for political marketing in India and specially the Political Marketing in India, specially political marketing in India.

Political campaign strategies are the ultimate exercise in marketing because there is no other chance if you lose. As political planners and buyers choose digital mediums like Social Media, Television, Digital Surveys, Audio Bridge, Bulk SMS etc one should make sure that it is like digging one’s own grave in elections.


What are the risks?

  • Risks for institutions with inaccurate or incomplete researcher profiles
  • Inaccurate data being used for strategic decisions
  • Unclear view of research unit performance and impact
  • Poorer ranking performance because citation data is not unified
  • Incomplete profiles displayed on expertise discovery tools
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