Touchstone Infotech Claims to Bring Better Results from Google Ads to The Businesses

Summary: Touchstone Infotech has shared information on how they generate better results from Google Ads and enhance the revenue manifold.  

Touchstone Infotech, a leading digital marketing company in India Google ads are a prolific way to attract users to a website. Commonly known as Pay Per Click ads, Google Ads can go a long way in improving site traffic, generating leads, and boosting the profitability of the business. Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and it is the place where more than 2.59 billion queries are made in a day, and millions of unique visitors appear daily. 

Touchstone Infotech has more than 9 years of experience in digital marketing, and creating Google Ads is their specialization. Experts at Touchstone share a few of the strategies they implement to bring high volume but quality traffic to any client’s site. The first strategy is finding and using the keywords intelligently to make Google ads more effective. Experts of Google Ads say they know how to categorically use ‘broad match’, ‘phrase match,’ ‘exact match, and; modified broad match ‘while using the keywords. Secondly, the company only focuses on building quality ads, and no irrelevant ads are run. 

Moreover, they make sure that ad extensions are used as per the offerings of the client’s business. These extensions are location, sitelink, call, and offer extensions. Furthermore, the company has expertise in building all types of Google ads, such as search ads, video ads, and display ads. 

Touchstone Infotech maintains client ads with full dedication and professionalism. The results of each campaign are analysed regularly, and ad campaigns are tweaked as per the need. The company head spoke about the quality of the professional that works on the clients’ projects. As per him, only certified professionals with years of experience get their hands on the projects. Furthermore, the company assures that the bidding process is transparent and suits the budget of the client. The company says that Google Ads professionals working in Touchstone have expertise in all types of bidding, such as automated, manual, CPC (Cost Per Click), CPE (Cost Per Engagement), CPM (Cost Per Mille). Moreover, headlines and descriptions mustn’t be neglected and should be used intelligently and discretionally in ad campaigns. This is what Touchstone Infotech professionals set their eyes on, and they prepare engaging ads accompanying well-written headlines and descriptions. 

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About Touchstone Infotech: 

Touchstone Infotech LLP is an experienced and multifaceted digital marketing company that has offices in Bangalore and Delhi. It came into being in 2015, and since then, it has been able to serve a global customer base via its professional and expert IT solutions. It has proficiency in several domains, including Google Ads, digital marketing, software, website design, web development, google ads, PPC digital marketing, cloud-based CRM, and managed IT service. 

Touchstone Infotech has helped businesses from small-scale start-ups to enterprise-level clients and helped them accelerate their growth. 

Company Contact Information 

Name: Prashant Rajput


Address: A-19, first floor, sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi  

Organization: Touchstone Infotech   

Phone: +91- 8587999666 (Delhi)