Digital Marketing for Politicians in India

In the United States, prior to the Indian election in 2014, Barack Obama’s 2007 political campaign used networking, e-mail systems and display advertising to encourage citizens to talk with one another. Regardless of who you support in the political arena, digital marketing for political parties with messaging has grown to be recognized as a highly essential platform, with more than 500% growth since 2012.

In the 2014 Indian general election, Narendra Modi’s BJP team successfully employed social media-focused digital marketing for politicians for the first time. In 2019, we saw a dramatic increase in the use of political digital marketing firms in India. In India, all major national or state/regional parties, as well as individual candidates, utilized digital marketing services for their political efforts.

Apart from being a decent political candidate, one must develop improved digital marketing for political campaigns in India to be successful and build a brand. Touchstone Infotech LLP specializes in Digital Marketing for politicians in India, and we concentrate on the target audience, which is critical for political parties (and/or candidates) to capture the attention of potential voters. Although a voter has the right to keep his or her vote private, there are several signals that may suggest whom he or she will choose.

If performed well, a political campaign on social media has the capacity to shift voters’ opinions in favor of a specific party or candidate. A professional social media political campaign can create an emotional, psychological trend in favor of the candidate or party if carried out correctly. For example, the Indian General Election in 2019 — the “Pulwama incident” episode focused on nationalism and patriotism to voters’ attention and put all other issues like de-monetization, GST, and so on to rest.

Who was the most crucial factor in this scenario, and why? Isn’t it obvious that social media is a must-have? Social media has gone from newspapers to television to cellphones, among other things. Customers are more at ease consulting all questions/ information on their phone, making mobile and internet a “Power House,” allowing them to bring about change.

Touchstone Infotech LLP, a political digital marketing company in India, has created a political model that considers the entire holistic picture rather than just the last touchpoints for the designated voters. It’s also worth noting that both digital marketing and politics aim to persuade people to do something. It might involve purchasing a product or casting your vote for you.

Convincing people can be very time-consuming. It can also be tiring. However, our team of digital marketing professionals for politicians is well-trained to deal with negativity and will remain positive about the candidate or party until the end of the election.

What are the advantages of using digital marketing for a Political candidate in India?

Traditional advertising is an outdated approach to promoting a political campaign that may be replaced with digital marketing. It is an increasingly popular choice for political campaigns, which may cost-effectively reach the target audience through internet marketing. This, along with the fact that Digital Marketing for political campaigns in India has left traditional political campaigns significantly behind, indicates why a hybrid of both is necessary to obtain the greatest results. Before the candidate meets his potential voters, political marketing political campaigns help to build an image for him. The electorate is well-informed via political social media actions (beforehand), making it easier for the candidate to be accepted by the crowd.

With the following pointers, Digital Marketing maybe even more successful:

– Social Media political campaign strategy i.e. Running a campaign on a Social Media Network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for example

– Starting a website of your own and telling the world about it: the contribution you’ve been making for the entire society (Note: We also offer on-demand SEO services.)

– Campaigning with slogans and logos

Customizing the Targeted Messages

– Touchstone Infotech LLP, for Digital Marketing for political campaigns in India, uses digital data and accessible technology to adapt the messages to the beliefs of the target audience in order to grow their voter base.

– At Touchstone Infotech LLP, a political digital marketing company in India, we intelligently optimize the dynamic resources so that your advertising gets the best responses possible.

Using Sequencing to Beat Voter Ads Burnout:

Voters, like other audiences, grow weary of the same advertisements. The technologically advanced political advertising, on the other hand, frequently make use of cross-device analytics and tracking capabilities to ensure that the voters do not become bored as quickly. We make use of cutting-edge technology that employs ad-serving methods at Touchstone Infotech LLP. It aids in the effective management of advertising sequence. Even though paid advertisements have traditionally served as a foundation for marketing campaigns, the crowdsourcing phenomenon has made unrestricted free promotion feasible. Social Media are a treasure trove of possibilities for the same.

How to Create a Political Campaign on Social Media That Is Relevant and Effective in India

The use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, has revolutionized the way political campaigns are conducted.

– Social media may and does have the power to help a political party or candidate secure a majority of the votes.

– According to an election report, Facebook has had a significant impact on the polls in 260 of 543 Indian constituencies (General Election – 2019).

– Apart from being tech-savvy, today’s youth is also interested in being kept informed. This holds true for polling as well! (The election of every government has been decided by the shift of the youth.)

We offer two unique digital marketing strategies for politicians that are not available to other companies :

(1) Dedicated

(2) Customized

Note: Rate varies according to the package.

The PERSON behind Touchstone Infotech LLP is AUTHORIZED by FACEBOOK to conduct/promote POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS/advertisements. In other words, no one can run or promote political activities in the paid market. We are among a small number of firms in India that are authorized by Facebook to publish political and social topics adverts

We provide Digital marketing for Politicians, Political Party(ies) as well as individual candidates seeking to be future politicians (Online Reputation Management). We don’t disclose any politician’s or party’s strategies. Yes, we give each candidate our many years of expertise as a political digital marketing agency.