Touchstone Infotech Promises to Bring Quality Leads for Realtors and Channel Partners

Summary: Touchstone Infotech offers robust methods to produce quality leads for realtors and channel partners. 

Leads are important to keep a business within the regular flow of clients, and Touchstone Infotech claims to offer result-oriented quality lead generation services for realtors and channel partners. When we know that mobile and internet penetration has gone deep and reached even the remotest places globally, any business looking to generate leads cannot neglect the power of digital marketing techniques. It is exactly what Touchstone brings to realtors and channel partners. 

The company’s experts at Touchstone divulge details about how it uses the power of digital marketing. A realtor or channel product gets quality leads through several methods: website, PPC ads, Google ads, social media marketing, and social media infographics. The creation of quality content is important in the process. Therefore, Touchstone Infotech makes extensive but targeted use of infographics, videos, and written content to present the clients’ products, solutions, and services before the audience. Here, company experts further reveal more about how they go about bringing in more quality leads. It includes an analysis of their website and social media traffic and the competition. Regular analysis of the ad campaign, keywords and hashtags, and click-through rates is also carried out. Furthermore, experts look into the demographics and carry out a deep analysis of the targeted market and customers. 

The company’s head of Touchstone Infotech says that creating landing pages and offering exciting offers is also part of the overall strategy to ensure more quality leads come to realtors’ clients and channel partners. He further elaborates that Touchstone Infotech uses both organic SEO and paid ads strategies as per clients’ requirements to provide the needed boost to the campaign. Leads that are generated go to the client through a secure procedure, and they make sure that no compromises occur during the process. He further reveals that realtors and channel partners who demand a tailored method to generate leads or create a campaign that is unique or never heard of before, Touchstone can create such campaigns for them. Furthermore, they can make sure that quality leads get automated messages to begin the process of converting them into sales. It is done through various automation processes.  

About the Company: 

Touchstone Infotech LLP is a trusted digital marketing and software company providing a wide range of internet technologies, products, and digital solutions to help customers worldwide with services such as website design, web development, google ads, PPC digital marketing, cloud-based CRM, and managed service. 

Incepted in 2013, Touchstone Infotech has provided IT and digital marketing solutions to clients from all parts of the world. The company has been providing local SEO services from India since 2015 and have completed over 500 projects so far. Touchstone has offices in Delhi and Bengaluru. 

Company Contact Information 

 Name: Sandeep Jha  


Address: A-19, first floor, sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi  

Organization: Touchstone Infotech   

Phone: +91- 8587999666 (Delhi)