Prashant Rajput Shares his mission behind establishing Touchstone Infotech

Summary– Prashant Rajput shares his vision and reason for starting Touchstone Infotech

In the world of digital marketing, Touchstone Infotech needs no introduction. The company has earned a reputation for providing top-of-the-line advanced digital marketing and managed IT services. The company has a presence in Bengaluru, Delhi, Shivamogga (Karnataka), and Patna, Bihar. Touchstone Infotech has also opened a branch in Kansas, USA in 2022. The company has been providing IT, digital marketing, and managed IT solutions for global clients for almost a decade. However, it took lots of dedication, planning, and sustained professionalism to achieve recognition and reputation for Touchstone Infotech. 

Prashant Rajput, the founder of Touchstone Infotech, shares his experience and the reason for starting Touchstone Infotech. He says that he envisioned creating an IT service company where work is completed in a meticulous and planned manner. He especially wanted to help small businesses domestically and internationally by guiding them in the right direction. 

He reminisces how the IT world was quite different from the present times, where businesses did not know about digital marketing and IT solutions such as SEO, web development /designing, and managed IT solutions. Mobile phone penetration was low, but Prashant Rajput knew that the future of businesses would heavily rely on IT services. With his vision to create a truly professional organization, Touchstone Infotech came into being in 2013. Since then, the brainchild of Prashant Rajput has not looked back and has progressed by leaps and bounds.

Looking back at the journey of Touchstone Infotech, the founder recalls how the journey was not a smooth ride from the beginning, but with hard work, motivation, and zeal to be the best, Touchstone started tasting success. The company started its digital marketing services in 2013, inaugurated its Delhi office in 2013, expanded the team by opening a Bangalore office in 2019, and started managing IT services in 2019. Today, the company can truly be proud of its achievement, where it has already served more than 800 customers worldwide. 

As far as the future is concerned, Mr. Rajput believes that Touchstone Infotech has much more to achieve. The company is looking to become bigger and better at its services. The company is already using machine learning (M:L) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its offered solutions; however, there is much more to integrate and innovate. The world of technology is exciting where new kinds of solutions appear to do things more efficiently and productively every other day. In the vision of Prashant Rajput, Touchstone will be at the forefront of adopting new technologies. The company also plans to expand to new locations in India and abroad. He believes Touchstone Infotech has much more to achieve, and only the sky is the limit. But with the team of dedicated professionals and zeal to become the best, Touchstone will surely achieve new heights of success, and everyone in the company is looking forward to it. 

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