Touchstone Introduces Integration services for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, ZOHO and more

Summary: Touchstone Infotech helps clients’ business ecosystems to integrate with cloud computing services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Zoho, and more. 

Cloud computing plays a big role in the expansion and growth of businesses globally. Especially in remote work, there is no better technology than cloud computing. Companies can easily get the job done easily by using cloud computing since the data, spreadsheets, software, apps, video communication tools, monitoring, and much more can be accessed from anywhere via cloud computing. Touchstone Infotech can integrate industry-leading technology suites such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Zoho and more for businesses of all sizes. The company expert informs that these technologies can make the existing ecosystem better irrespective of the clients’ business. Resources can be shared between teams, and since the whole process of conducting operations and tasks become faster, that leads to an overall productivity boost. Moreover, the manager of cloud computing explains that cloud computing is safe to use and has a high level of security that makes them perfect for all types of businesses. After carrying out the analysis, Touchstone experts can perform the integration work and even advise the companies on which cloud computing suite will be better for their business.  

The head of Touchstone Infotech is upbeat about the cloud integration solutions available via his company. He explains that they are a pioneer in cloud telephony integration by which a client can move the whole system of phone communication, including video calling and messaging, and expand the operation. He further states that cloud computing technology suites such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Zoho, and more need timely maintenance, and Touchstone helps clients with it. Additionally, he talks about the advantage of joining hands with Touchstone Infotech as he states that Touchstone can develop, maintain and manage custom integrations for diverse systems and applications in the cloud. It will allow the enterprise to pursue process innovations efficiently without modifying or maintaining numerous and often incompatible applications. Touchstone Infotech offers many other IT solutions that can help clients take advantage of other IT solutions. For instance, clients can request portal building, Google ads, digital marketing, and many other solutions. As per one of the team leaders at the company, Touchstone offers affordable pricing for its products, including cloud integration services.  

About the company: 

Touchstone Infotech is one of the best companies offering its services in cloud computing integration, cloud telephony, digital marketing, Google ads campaigns, and much more. It has more than 7 years of experience where several clients from all parts of the world benefitted from its services. It only recruits top-quality professionals and keeps them updated with timely training, and it means the clients receive modern solutions for their campaigns. The company prides itself on a flawless record that has earned several 5-star ratings.  

Contact Information 

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Address: A-19, first floor, sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi  

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Phone: +91- 8587999666 (Delhi)