Touchstone Infotech Introduces Cloud Telephony Solutions to Its Offerings

Summary – Touchstone Infotech shares the information on its cloud telephony solutions for businesses 

Phone system plays a huge role in communication in business communications, especially in a business that is looking to expand, situated at multiple locations domestically and internationally. As the name suggests, cloud telephony moves the phone-based telephone system with cloud integration. Unlike physical phone lines, cloud telephony works via the internet. It is also known as the VoIP-based hosted PBX solution. Touchstone Infotech offers affordable yet top-quality cloud telephony solutions for the business that makes it expand and grow. Expert professionals at Touchstone Infotech highlight the advantages of implementing cloud telephony. They say that cloud telephony is great if a business is opening a new office, hiring remote workers, creating new teams, or just looking for more advanced phone communication. They further say that cloud telephony is not only good for audio communication but also great for video communication, CRM integration, and instant messaging. The manager of cloud telephony also sheds light on revolutionary technologies. He reveals that cloud telephony is faster, more reliable, and cost-effective than the traditional phone system. In addition, cloud telephony is easy to implement, doesn’t break down like a traditional phone system, is great for overseas calls, and the cost of maintaining it is lower than the traditional system.  

The head of Touchstone Infotech explains that moving to cloud-based telephony doesn’t come with any kind of compromise. In fact, this service has all the features of traditional phone systems like auto-attendant, video calling, call forwarding, Integration of IVR, call recording, and more. Moreover, a business can add as many users as it wants with the help of a few clicks. He further puts the light on the advanced features of cloud telephony like HD quality audio and video call, which is great for conferences.  

By using cloud telephony, teams can collaborate with team members while seamlessly sharing notes, information, and reports. Additionally, since the data remains secure in the remote servers, and cloud telephony provides you with instant reports, the businesses can carry out analysis and move faster on the projects. Moreover, if you are someone who remains on the move, having cloud telephony installed means that you can access the performances of team members, analyse the calls on the go, and keep an eye on your business from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.  

About the company  

Touchstone Infotech is a full-fledged and experienced IT solutions and digital marketing company based in India. Touchstone has a proven record of accelerating the growth of online businesses with the help of advanced solutions. The company helps clients with robust CRM solutions, cloud computing, website design/development, digital marketing, and online advertisements (social media and Google ads). The company has a reputation for completing tasks on time and with conviction.  

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