Touchstone Introduces Local SEO With Up-To-Date Technology and Updates

Summary—Touchstone Infotech has shared the information about the various services it provides to make requirements related to local SEO successful

Touchstone Infotech is a digital marketing company that helps businesses to grow online by bringing their search engine ranking higher, using Local SEO strategies. Local SEO plays a key role in increasing a company’s ranking on the first page of Google local search results. The company describes how businesses of all kinds can reap enormous benefits if they adapt to the latest update that Google releases regularly. To make their business more visible in local search results, the company fixes issues for clients to increase their local SEO ranking. In this way, they can drive more traffic to their websites and make people aware of their services and solutions more effectively. Moreover, potential customers get a better idea of the type of business of clientele since Google search pages show contact information like phone numbers, addresses, and the exact location on the map and website. 

According to the company owner, Touchstone infotech has generated more than 10,000 calls + leads for their clients each month by utilizing local SEO strategies. The expert provided further information about the tools they use to make Local SEO for their clients successful. According to them, while offering local SEO services to their clients, the company keeps track of the latest updates and uses the best tools for local SEO, such as SEMrush, Zoho Social, and Ahrens, to achieve better results.

The company outlined some more details about what it can do within a short timeframe to increase the level of virtual traffic and footfall to its clients’ websites. To increase brand visibility and inform prospects about the brand’s services, the company uses both off-page and on-page strategies. Using the latest technology, they optimize voice search results for Siri, Google, Alexa voice search applications.

The company owner mentioned a service that assists several businesses and is instrumental in resolving a common issue that online businesses face often. This issue is the ‘Suspended Listings’ on Google Business Profile. The company specializes in assisting with suspended listings and restarting them in a very short period. In addition, the clients who work with Touchstone are always treated professionally, and their opinions and feedback are always valued. The company provides regular reports to clients regarding the progress of their Local SEO project and ensures transparency at every step.