Touchstone Infotech Offers Exclusive Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies

Exclusive Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies

Summary – Touchstone shares details about the ways it generates leads and handles online ad campaigns for real estate companies. 

Touchstone, a leading digital marketing and IT services company in India, provides services to businesses in a variety of niches. It provides businesses with digital solutions that help them thrive and succeed, including digital marketing services for real estate clients. Real estate is one of the industries that can greatly benefit from generating leads and expanding their customer base. Company experts spoke about the methods and techniques they use to generate leads successfully. In order to generate quality leads for their real estate clients, they primarily employ Google ads and Facebook property dynamic ads. Furthermore, they explained that they used a creative mix of infographics, discovery ads, and video ads in their ad campaign. In these ads, the clients’ services and products are showcased in a creative way to entice customers. Additionally, these advertisements are optimized based on factors like demographics, target audience tastes, and demand. The aim is to reach out to as many prospects as possible in a short space of time in order to generate quality leads. 

In addition, the owner of the company told us that automation has always been one of the strengths of ad campaigns. Furthermore, he explained that every client is given CRM software and a CRM software manager to keep a watch on every single lead. In addition, companies continue to provide new-age methods of increasing engagement and sales.

According to the company graphics head, in this age of technology, presenting products with innovation is necessary. Touchstone understands it and provides services such as virtual tours, 360-degree photos, HDR photography, and panorama photography for the purpose. In addition, drones are used for aerial photography and videography to showcase properties from different angles. The goal here is to capture the beauty and essence of properties from every angle to entice prospective buyers. Touchstone can also edit the property photograph if unwanted items need to be removed, an object like furniture needs to be added to the empty room, or if the location needs a blue sky in the background. According to the company head, the client is always kept updated about the progress of any advertising campaign. Regular and transparent reports are shared with the client. The mix of modern hi-tech solutions, committed experts, and timely reporting increase sales and build a brand image for their clients in the shortest span of time.

About Company:

Touchstone Infotech LLP, being a leading digital marketing company in India provides a wide array of digital products and services to clients from different niches such as property, technology, e-commerce, local businesses, and many more. A variety of innovative digital solutions are offered to meet the needs of clients.

With offices in the USA, Canada, and Australia, Touchstone Infotech provides marketing and IT services to a global clientele base. In 2013, Touchstone Infotech began offering local SEO services in India. Currently, Touchstone Infotech has a strong presence in India with offices in Delhi and Bangalore.