9 Tools to Enhance Your Retargeting

When it involves re-targeting, the platform or service you select to use can have an enormous impact on the performance of your campaigns. After all, good re-targeting is all about getting in front of the proper people with the proper message within the right place. Finding the proper messaging is ultimately up to you, but with the proper re-targeting tools, getting in front of the proper people within the right place is often a breeze. However, there are tons of re-targeting platforms and services out there, so it is often hard to work out which options are right for your business and market. to assist thereupon, let’s take a glance at a number of the foremost important tools to enhance your retargeting.

Retargeting Platforms

Now that we’ve talked about what retargeting is, let’s take a glance at a number of various retargeting platforms or tools to enhance your retargeting to reach more potential customers:

Re-targeting on the Google Display Network

I’ll make this simple: if you’ve got a Google Ads account, you ought to be running retargeting ads on the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network covers quite 2,000,000 websites and apps. Additionally, you’ll also run re-targeting video ads on YouTube. Put all that together and you’ve got the power to advertise to over 10% of the web. To set up a re-targeting campaign on the GDN, all you’ve got to try to do is add the Google re-targeting tag (aka, pixel) to your site, create some ads, and found out your campaign. If you’re also running text ads on Google Ads, you’ll also use re-marketing lists for search ads (RLS As) to customize your keywords, bids, and ad copy for people that have already visited your site. RLS As fall a touch outside the scope of this text, but we’ve used RLS campaigns to extend sales by 129%, so if you’re running paid search ads, they’re well worth looking into. For more information on the way to get the foremost out of RLS As, inspect this text. Setting up a re-targeting campaign on Google Ads is so simple and easy that it might be a shame not to run retargeting ads on the GDN. It’d not provide the utmost possible reach, but it’ll certainly drive good results.

Retargeting on Facebook

Similar to Google, Facebook is another massive re-targeting platform you ought to strongly think about using. With around 1.8 billion active daily users, advertising on Facebook is often a fantastic thanks to getting ahead of just about any audience. To make things even better, Facebook owns Instagram, so, you’ll also use Facebook’s platform to run ads on Instagram also. As with the GDN, fixing a re-targeting campaign on Facebook is as simple as adding a pixel to your site, building a couple of ads, and creating a campaign. This video should help get you started: Unfortunately, in our experience, retargeting on Facebook isn’t always quite as effective because of the GDN. On Facebook, your ads are competing with tons of distractions. And, now that Apple has declared war on Facebook if most of your traffic comes through the Facebook or Instagram mobile apps (which it probably does), your ability to trace and re-target to those visitors is going to be tons more limited. That being said, if you’re trying to create brand awareness and easily stay on someone’s radar (rather than trying to urge them to “buy now”), Facebook may be a great re-targeting tool. Just don’t expect your clicks (and even conversions) to be quite as relevant because of the clicks you get from other platforms.

Retargeting on Twitter

Twitter also offers a re-targeting platform that functions very similar to Facebook’s re-targeting platform. Here’s a fast guide to installing Twitter’s re-targeting pixel: Unfortunately, targeting ads on Twitter are typically much less effective than re-targeting ads on either Google or Facebook. Facebook’s feed could be distracting, but Twitter’s feed is far worse. In general, it’s an honest idea to feature the Twitter pixel to your site and begin building your audience, but I might limit your re-targeting efforts on Twitter to actually important campaigns where you would like to maximize exposure, not ROI.

Retargeting on Pinterest

Depending on your business, you’ll also want to think about retargeting on Pinterest. Here’s a fast guide to fixing retargeting campaigns on Pinterest: With Pinterest, however, you face many equivalent challenges as you are doing with retargeting on Twitter. People tend to either spend plenty of their time on Pinterest or almost never use the platform. the matter is, the more people use Pinterest, the more pins and concepts they need competing together with your ad for his or her attention. For this reason, Pinterest itself describes its ad platform as a discovery platform, not a conversion platform. Since the goal of most retargeting is to show awareness in sales, that creates Pinterest as a challenging platform for retargeting. However, surely for businesses with a robust presence on Pinterest and a compelling, highly visual product with a protracted consideration period (like home decor or furniture), remarketing on Pinterest are often efficient thanks to staying their customers’ minds within the exact place where they are going to plan and dream.

Retargeting Services

You can plow ahead and find out retargeting directly on any of those “big three” platforms fairly easily, but if you would like to urge even more out of your retargeting efforts, you’ll want to think about using an actual retargeting service. These services can offer you access to more sites and permit you to streamline your retargeting campaigns inside one system.

Ad Roll

Ad Roll is one of the most important names within the retargeting space. they could not be the most cost-effective option, but they’re employed by a number of the most important names within the business. Between all their partners (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.), Ad Roll gives you access to 98% of the sites on the web. They also offer you tons of segmentation and targeting options you’ll use to focus your targeting (and ads) on specific potential customers. Ad Roll can be a touch pricey, but their service is pretty easy to use, and (according to their site) their clients typically make $10 for each $1 they spend on Ad Roll, so it’s no wonder that they’re one among the most important players in display advertising.


Like Ad Roll, Criteo features a massive inventory of internet sites you’ll target. The best tools to enhance your retargeting. Their service is simple, easy to line up, and offers solid templates. All-in-all, Criteo may be a solid remarketing service. However, it’s also a reasonably unexciting remarketing service. Criteo’s marketing makes it appear as if they assist you craft remarketing journeys, but in practicality, their approach basically amounts to a regency algorithm. The more recently someone visited your site, the lower they’re in your funnel. As we’ll discuss a bit, this might work for a few sorts of businesses, but many remarketing journeys are literally quite a bit more complex than that. If people need time to believe your product or service before they buy, your hottest potential customers might not have visited your site for a while. Finally, Criteo has their own tracking pixel, which makes set-up and implementation easy…but can cause some real issues with tracking and attribution. None of those problems are deal-breakers, but in comparison to a number of the opposite options listed here, Criteo doesn’t really stand out as a “must-use” option.

Steel House

Steel House may be a relative newcomer to the remarketing space, but it’s built on The Trade Desk platform, which allows you to use some innovative bidding strategies you won’t find on Google-based platforms like Ad Roll. In addition, because they’re built on The Trade Desk platform, Steel House has some really powerful audience-building tools that you simply won’t find with a number of the opposite services on this list. counting on your business, these audience options could also be gold or garbage, but if you’re trying to find new ways to refine your targeting, Steel House is perhaps worth a glance. Finally, Steel House offers tons of lovely creative templates you’ll use to create ads (especially dynamic ads) directly on their platform. These templates can make it easy to line up eye-catching, specific ads—which can prevent plenty of your time and work if your remarketing strategy features a lot of moving parts.

Perfect Audience

If you would like to stay things simple, Perfect Audience could also be right up your alley. All you’ve got to try to to is add one piece of code to your site, create a couple of lists of visitor types you would like to focus on, add some ads and an excellent Audience will look out for the remainder. With no setup or maintenance fees, Perfect Audience is great for little businesses (their main target market). Unfortunately, if you really want quite basic control over where and the way your ads are displayed, Perfect Audience might not be the service for you. However, if you would like to undertake retargeting without investing an excessive amount of time or money, Perfect Audience may be a great way to travel.


Retargeter may be a fairly new retargeting service, but it offers plenty of options starting from Facebook retargeting to look retargeting and beyond. However, if your site doesn’t get plenty of traffic, Retargeted might not be the simplest solution for you. The service is primarily designed for sites with 30,000+ unique users per month. But, if you’ve got the location volume (and can afford the minimum $1,500/month fee), Retarget is often an excellent thanks to going. Retarget gives you access to an enormous number of websites and customization options, especially if you would like to retarget people on search or using their email address. As with the retargeting platforms we discussed, there are several other retargeting services available also , but one among these companies should be an honest fit your business. With retargeting services, you sometimes get what you buy , so choosing a service is usually an issue of balancing what you’ll afford with getting the choices you would like .


As you’ll see, there are tons of tools to enhance your retargeting out there that will assist you to make the foremost of your retargeting. And permanently reason. Every business is exclusive and features a different audience that they have to succeed in several ways and in several places. for several small businesses, retargeting on Facebook and therefore the Google Display Network could also be plenty for his or her needs. For mid-to-large businesses, a service like Ad Roll or Steel house may give them the added versatility and reach that they’re trying to find.