Zara’s International Academy is a renowned makeup school that faced some challenges with their online presence. The website was not optimized, form submissions were failing, and there was no lead management solution in place. In addition, their organic traffic experienced a decline, and their Google Business Profile and Meta Business Manager were not configured properly, with the admin rights for Google Business Profile missing.

This case study outlines the digital marketing strategy implemented to overcome these challenges, supported by the results and metrics achieved through the campaign.

Goals and Metrics

The main objectives of this digital marketing campaign were to:

  1. Revamp the website with a user-friendly interface
  2. Increase organic traffic and keyword ranking
  3. Drive qualified enquiries through paid ads
  4. Optimize local SEO and Google Business Profile

The key performance metrics associated with these goals included:

  1. Organic clicks and impressions
  2. Keyword ranking on Google search
  3. Enquiry volume via paid ads

Research and Analysis

The digital marketing team conducted the following research and analysis to identify opportunities and formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy:

  1. In-depth website audit to identify areas of improvement
  2. Keyword research to identify high-potential target keywords
  3. Competitor analysis to uncover successful strategies to emulate

Digital Marketing Campaign

Based on the research, the digital marketing strategy was implemented using the following channels and tactics:

  1. Website Revamp: The website was rebuilt on WordPress with a friendly UI, focusing on an improved user experience and responsive design.
  1. Landing Pages: Relevant and optimized landing pages were created to drive user engagement and improve conversion rates.
  1. Google Ads: A Google Ads campaign was launched to target specific makeup courses, using both text and display ads to attract qualified enquiries.
  1. Meta Ads: A Meta Ads campaign was implemented for engagement and branding in the Bangalore region.
  1. Local SEO: A local SEO plan was executed to target local traffic via both the website and Google Business Profile.
  1. SEO Plan: An SEO plan was implemented to improve the website’s organic ranking and visibility in search engine results.
  1. CRM Setup: A CRM solution was installed to manage leads and streamline email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns.

Results and Analytics

Within just two months of implementing the campaign, the following results were achieved:

  1. 500% increase in organic clicks
  2. 550% increase in organic impressions
  3. 400+ keywords started ranking on Organic Google Search
  4. 5 out of the 10 targeted keywords ranked under the top 10 positions on Google Search
  5. Increased enquiry volume via paid Google Ads


This digital marketing campaign for Zara’s International Academy highlights the importance of a comprehensive and data-driven approach to addressing challenges and driving growth. By executing a well-researched and targeted strategy, significant improvements in organic traffic, keyword ranking, and lead generation were achieved. The key takeaways emphasize the value of ongoing optimization, performance monitoring, and adaptation for continued success in digital marketing.