Client Overview

Online Coaching Institute, a premier digital education platform, faced challenges managing their lead automation, as they relied on multiple platforms for their CRM, appointment management, and marketing needs. Their previous platform couldn’t keep up with their needs and was incompatible with the new WhatsApp Cloud API and other reminder solutions.

Challenge and Goals

The main challenges faced by Online Coaching Institute were:

  1. Managing leads and marketing across multiple platforms, resulting in missed opportunities and inefficiencies.
  2. Identifying and integrating the right software to manage their CRM, appointment management, and marketing needs.
  3. Enhance their digital presence and increase organic visibility.
  4. Attract more students through targeted advertising and lower their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Our Solutions

Our innovative and tailored approach to address Online Coaching Institute’s challenges included the following steps:

  1. Landing Page Design – We designed engaging landing pages to capture leads and optimize visitor engagement.
  2. Website Design and Development – We developed an SEO-friendly website to improve online visibility and provide a seamless user experience to potential students.
  3. Technical SEO – We optimized their website for long-term use and improved search rankings.
  4. Paid Advertising Management – To drive targeted traffic and improve ROI from their marketing efforts, we managed their Google Ads and Social Media Ad campaigns.
  5. ZOHO-Based Lead Automation – We implemented lead management and follow-up using ZOHO applications, integrated with WhatsApp Business API, SMS, Email, and Voice notifications.
  6. Appointment and Class Management – We streamlined appointment and class management, integrating reminder notifications to maximize student attendance.

Results and Metrics

Our customized solutions delivered remarkable results to Online Coaching Institute, leading to:

  • 60% growth in organic visibility.
  • Seamless lead automation, assisting the client in managing their business more efficiently.
  • Increased lead interactions and conversions through WhatsApp API implementation.
  • A 30% reduction in CPA from Google Ads, driving more cost-effective results.


“The team at Touchstone Infotech provided exceptional service and customized solutions to meet our unique challenges. Their expertise in lead automation and digital marketing strategies helped us improve our online presence, attract more students, and ultimately grow our business while reducing our overall costs. We highly recommend their services to others in the education sector.”


With our tailored approach and dedicated service, Online Coaching Institute overcame their challenges in lead automation and marketing. They now enjoy increased visibility, higher conversions, and more efficient operations, further solidifying their position as a leading digital education platform.