Career Solution, an education consultant specializing in career guidance and recommendations, was primarily relying on offline marketing tactics to target and acquire students. They were missing out on the vast online market that their competitors were taking advantage of through Paid Ads campaigns.


Career Solution was lagging in the digital marketing space, as they were not utilizing Paid PPC ads to target search traffic. This resulted in limited digital engagement and a lack of qualified enquiries from potential students.


To enhance Career Solution’s digital presence, increase the number of qualified leads, and improve ROI with the help of a targeted digital marketing strategy using Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Hubspot CRM.

Strategy & Execution

To address this challenge, a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy was employed, incorporating the following:

  1. Creating relevant landing pages: A set of highly-targeted landing pages, tailored to specific course offerings were developed. These landing pages were optimized for search engines and provided essential information that potential students were seeking, thereby boosting conversions.
  1. Google Ads campaign management: A carefully planned Google Ads campaign was crafted, identifying opportune target keywords and crafting compelling ad copies. Text and display ads were used to reach the desired audience and increase visibility in search engine results.
  1. Bing Ads utilization: To widen reach beyond Google, Bing Ads platform was utilized to target potential students who opted for the Bing search engine. This provided an additional stream of search traffic leading to better lead generation.
  1. Hubspot CRM implementation: In order to efficiently manage the newly acquired leads, Hubspot CRM was introduced. This enabled Career Solution to swiftly transition offline prospects into meaningful digital engagement, ensuring a more streamlined approach in tracking and nurturing leads.

Results & Metrics

Google Ads Lead Generation Education consultation
65 Lead Generated via Google Ads for Education Consultant business

The implementation of the digital marketing strategy led to the following results:

  • A significant increase in leads generated via Paid Ads.
  • Improved ROI from Paid Marketing campaigns.
  • Better management of leads through Hubspot CRM.


By embracing the digital marketing landscape and implementing targeted Paid Ads strategies, Career Solution successfully expanded their reach and significantly improved their conversion rates. Gradually adopting new tools and technologies in their marketing approach ultimately led to better ROI and a more streamlined lead management process.
This case study showcases the importance of keeping pace with the digital world and how an integrated digital marketing strategy can elevate a brand to new heights.