Modesto Cafe and Lounge, located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is a local hotspot for dining and events. They recently faced a significant challenge: they lacked a digital presence, making it difficult for potential customers to discover their services, book their venue for parties, and engage with the brand. Fortunately, Modesto Cafe and Lounge turned to our education consultancy services to help solve this issue.

The Challenge

Modesto Cafe and Lounge realized that without a digital presence, they were missing out on potential customers and revenue. The key challenges they were facing included:

  • No website for customers to learn about their services and to book their party venue
  • Low brand awareness in the local area
  • Limited organic lead generation and customer engagement

The Solution

Our team of experts implemented a comprehensive approach to address Modesto Cafe and Lounge’s challenges. Here are the steps we took to transform their digital presence:

  1. Website Design – We designed a professional and user-friendly website that showcased the Cafe and Lounge’s offerings, and allowed customers to book their parties through an integrated booking system.
  1. AWS Lightsail Hosting – We hosted the website on AWS Lightsail, ensuring a robust and reliable platform with excellent performance.
  1. Lead Ads – We launched targeted lead ads on Google and Meta, focusing on party venue booking leads to boost their event booking revenue.
  1. Engagement Ads – To create brand awareness in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, we executed engagement ads that generated organic social traffic growth.
  1. Google Business Profile Creation & Optimization – We created and optimized a Google Business Profile for Modesto Cafe and Lounge, allowing potential customers to easily find their location, and increasing website traffic through organic search results.

The Results

By employing our education consultancy services, Modesto Cafe and Lounge experienced the following results:

  • A functional and professional website to represent their business services
  • 80% growth in organic social traffic
  • Significant brand awareness in the local area
  • Increased website traffic through Google Business Profile, leading to organic lead generation

Client Testimonial

“Thanks to the expert team at Touchstone Infotech, we’ve transformed our digital presence and are now reaping the rewards with increased event bookings and brand recognition in our community. Their innovative solutions have proven invaluable in helping us to overcome our challenges and achieve our goals.”


Our dedication to providing tailored solutions and expert service has enabled Modesto Cafe and Lounge to overcome its digital presence challenges and strengthen its position in the local market. With our guidance, they have experienced significant improvements in brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation. By leveraging our education consultancy’s expertise, you too can unlock your business’s potential and drive measurable growth.