Top 50+ Local Business Listing Sites for Indian Business


The term local business listing refers to an online profile creation that includes your business name, phone number, web address and other details. There is plenty of business listing sites in India on which local business owners are allowed to create free business listings. These free websites are helpful to boost the online presence of your local business and increase traffic through referral sources.

Free Business Listing Sites in India

In this digital age, the most important way to get attention is through the use of SEO Marketing (Search Engine optimized Marketing) campaigns. According to the latest reviews, the American businesses are spending around 11.5% of their total yearly revenue on digital marketing in 2013. Everyday Americans are connecting to the web, and approx 78.1% are already connected, according to internet society status. For a small business that is new to search engine optimization techniques can learn and implement cheaply and effectively. The process of Local listing management is the best way for small businesses to improve their local internet advertising and improve their revenues.

For small businesses, it is prominent to list them on multiple online directories. If you want to find local business, then according to your location convenience, you can search local businesses. Like if you want to search for any particular service in India then you can find all the local Business Listing Sites India.

Have you ever heard of citations sites, it just similar like Business listing sites? This is referred as listed your business name, address on another page. Sometimes it does not include any link to your website. If you still have any doubt then just go through Indian Citation Sites. These algorithms are the key component of the ranking in Google. Apart from other factors being equal, businesses with having a greater number of citations will probably rank higher than businesses with fewer citations.

In order to drive traffic, expand your reach & increase the number of visitors to your website. For all this, it is important to submit your business information to Directories and social media websites which can, in turn, generate some of the hottest ladies on the web at an inexpensive cost. These places are worth to spend your budget on advertising. The Indian Local Business Directory in the business of providing local search business data.

The local Business listing includes Google Research which shows more instant results for company hours, directions, business location and product information.

So how you will decide which search engine — or engines — to list in?

Lets start with some High Authority Free Business Listing Sites in India:

A Google Business Listing provides you an exact edge of marketing to your local area. It shows better-optimized results, but on the other hand, it enables users to review their services and products. When simply you have listed product and services gives you a boost in ranking for your main website and therefore drives more traffic. Some of the Google Business

Listing Benefits:

  • Better opportunities to extend branding online.
  • Much improved customer satisfaction.
  • Better reputation on and offline.
  • Extremely mobile phone friendly.
  • Include all your accurate, up to date information readily available.

All these features allow you to list the exact location and address of your business on a map which results in better customer protection to get improved directions and instruction.

Nowadays, Facebook is among one of the top social media platforms that have numerous benefits to your business. It, not just a medium to connect with friend and family but it’s far beyond that. In this digital world, facebook has turned out just like a handy tool for promoting and advertising a business. In case if you are having a business page on Facebook which is very similar to owning a website, there are some significant benefits that only Facebook can provide are:

  • Better Exposure to Potential Customers Which Gather More Leads
  • Lower Your Marketing Expenses
  • Focus on a Targeted Audience
  • Involves Facebook Insights
  • Develop Brand Loyalty
  • Drive better Web Traffic
  • Prepare to be Mobile Ready
  • Boost your SEO
  • Keep an eye on your our Competition.

Basically LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site which is previously used for professional networking. If you are creating a LinkedIn Company page then it will help you in creating your brand awareness, along with its product and services and job opportunities.

Here is the latest list of business listing sites in India:

These days Google and other search engines, updating their algorithms frequently to provide accurate results to the users. So these local business listing sites play an important role for local businesses. They provide accurate information about the local business with all contact details. The above sites, which I have shared with you, have huge traffic from the India as well as other countries. Keep remembering the review section of the listing. It will impact, If you got the bad reviews then you will lose the traffic and the users as well. Don’t just sign up for the backlinks, you have to maintain the listing and reply to the bad reviews and maintain the quality.

Apart from the above top local business listing sites, if you need any help or suggestion related to this blog or digital marketing, you can simply drop your question in the comment box or mail me. I will try to reply you soon with the solution.

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