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Move your business communication setup to the best cloud telephony platform in India. Make the switch in less than an hour. Enable remote work, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer experience.

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony can help save businesses money on their monthly phone bills by using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology to make and receive calls. In addition, cloud telephony offers a wide range of features and services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses, including call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, call recording, and more.


Enhance Your Customer Service with Our Cloud Telephony

Touchstone Infotech is a leading provider of cloud-based telephony solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our robust and reliable platform enables businesses to make and receive calls using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, which can help save money on monthly phone bills. We offer a wide range of features and services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business, including call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, call recording, and more.

Get more done from cloud based IVR. Build a customer-oriented IVR with tailored call flows, intelligent self-service options and optimized call handling strategies.

Evaluate customer service quality, resolve customer disputes, train agents and make informed business decisions by accessing call recording clips on your portal.

Be there when your agents need you. Barge in the live calls and assist your agents with the queries without informing the caller.

Never miss a customer call. Respond to every incoming call and guide them with their queries using the auto-attendant and self-service options.

Capture caller’s attention with personalized interaction. Alter your script at any time from the portal and generate a dynamic voice recording for your IVR.

Oversee all your call centre activities on a single dashboard. Gauge call centre performance, track agent calls and assess key KPIs on a monitoring dashboard.

Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Bulk SMS services play a major role in the success of any business. we provide an essential communication channel between businesses and their customers. By using bulk SMS services, businesses can send out large volumes of SMS messages to their customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.

Bulk SMS Service

 Promotional DND Bulk SMS Services
 Non-DND Bulk SMS Services
 Transactional Bulk SMS Services
 HTTP API Available
 Opting for Bulk SMS Services

Transactional SMS Service

 Six Character Sender Id
 Schedule SMS For Future
 Quick Reports
 Delivery On DND Numbers As Well

Bulk WhatsApp Service

 Schools and Colleges
 Real Estate Services
 Training and Coaching Institutes
 Financial Services
 Consumer Services


Spend Less and Deliver More

Straightaway use cloud-based IVR without any setup. With Servetel’s cloud IVR Solutions, no time and resources get wasted in the set-up process.

Handle every caller with utmost quality and intelligence by segmenting callers based on queries and routing their calls to the most adept agent.

Seamlessly manage a surge in call volumes and customer queries with auto-receptionist and self-service features of IVR.

Leverage real time call analytics to track calls and send timely updates to keep managers updated of all the ongoing activities.

Take your communication productivity a notch higher with CRM, Google Suite, APIs and other third party applications.

Speed up your query resolution. Facilitate smart customer interactions with IVR and get query resolved in the first calling attempt.

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